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Learning about Photography – The History, Uses and Production of Photography

There are loads of things you need to know about the art of photography. Even the millions point-and-shoot photographers need to learn a few simple things to take their photos from simply boring to massive ‘like’ scoring. So, in this article we will talk about the history, uses and production of photography. Photography was was invented during 19th century. When we say photography, we mean the science, application, art and practice in creating long-lasting, memorable images. checkout her latest blog posted at http://www.hardemanphoto.com/discover-photography-art-image/

By using light, electromagnetic radiation, image sensors and chemically or by using light sensitive material just like photographic film. NICEPHORE NIEPCE created the first photoetching in 1822. In order to take photos much quicker, LOUIS DAGUERRE developed a brand-new method by making use of silver and chalk. By 1840, negative photos had been created by TALBOT. Slowly, over the decades, photographs and photography have evolved from plates to film to digital into what we know today. No one needs to be a professional anymore and more and more cameras are doing the hard work for you. However, learning a few tricks can change the way your photos look

Nowadays, most people don’t even print their photos. No more waiting 24 hours or 7 days if you wanted your roll of film developed cheaper. Then you got them and they came with advise stickers on them as they were blurred or too dark. And that’s it. Holiday memories wasted forever. You were gutted. Instead, today every smartphone, tablet or computer has a camera. What’s more, with digital photography  photos are throwaway. Simply take as many shots a you need to get it right. Check your shots onscreen and change them if they are blurred, too dark, or your grandma has closed her eyes.

You can create wonderful images if you do it properly. Other people get bored of taking photos, because they only capture poor images. So, if you want to become a good photographer, you need to learn more about photography and use it as your tool in capturing great images.

It used to be so expensive to buy a camera and even today, if you want to become a professional photographer, you need to buy a high-quality camera. It is quite expensive but well worth it. Unlike before it when it was so hard to take photos for every special moment, it is easy for you to take photos because of the help of the new technology by using your phone’s camera. It is not same quality as a high-quality camera like a Cannon DSLR Camera. However, the important thing is that you capture every special moment.


When all is said and done, even if you can only afford a compact digital camera or use the camera on your you can still capture amazing images. The difference being that you have to be more creative in the way you take your shots. Think about where you are, the lighting, the surrounding area and the subject. It is relatively easy for you to start to become a photographer and also have your own photography business. Don’t be shy to ask for information from an expert, because they will be willing to help you and give you some ideas and information on how to become a successful photographer. Above all, make sure that you think differently. Try to think in a way that others don’t and the popularity of your photos will skyrocket in no time. Happy shooting!

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